3rd Live at SOMEDAY with 梶原組


★ 3rd Live with 梶原組 ★ 
・Date:2002.10.27 [Sun]
・Place: SOMEDAY  ( http://someday.net/ )

★ Number ★
01 Mercy Mercy Mercy
02 It’s oh,so nice
03 Fascinating Rhythm
04 Tall Cotton
05 Carmelo’s by the Freeway
enc. See You Again

★ Member ★
Sax. 境野高義, 荘田倫央, 渡辺春奈, 古沢暢子, 小川圭
Tb. 米倉淳, 衛藤浩之, 宇都宮哲平, 斎藤祐輔
Tp. 岡田茂, 坪崎誠司, 手塚清徳, 渡部浩也
Rhythm. 米沢悟史, 南部浩平, 江崎智彦


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